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Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Massage

Massage Treatments include:

Swedish Full Body Massage

Pain Relief Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder

Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

Current venues

Fielding, Bristol Rd, Chippenham, SN14 6NA

The Equilibrium Natural Health Centre, Corsham, SN13 9RS

The Practice Rooms, 55 Queens Square, Bristol, BS1 4LH 

The Practice Rooms, 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH

Home visits for any class or massage can be arranged.

Please contact me for details.

07930 008245

Mats, blocks, blankets, and bolsters are provided on request.

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Learn how to be immersed in the moment in everything you do, day in day out, I offer a tailored tool to bring more clarity and happiness to your life.



Sally Phillips


"I thoroughly enjoy Adam's classes, in both Hatha and Yin, he encourages me to push a little bit harder each time but respects my personal limits. – providing alternatives if I can’t manage certain moves. He provides excellent equipment & my stressful days drain away quickly. Adam is very calm and I sleep so well after the classes."



Centre yourself.

Create an amazing connection with yourself.


Clear thinking.
Clarity of mind.
Peaceful enjoyment.
Creating deeper compassion,

for your true self and others.



Tuesday Evenings in Yatton Keynell

Hatha yoga,

Yin yoga,

Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama breathing exercises.

Child's Pose

Reuben Velge

'Adams yoga class has a nice tranquil flow to it. I felt very relaxed and connected to his teachings. Adam has a wealth of knowledge both physically and spiritually. Good positive energy felt throughout. Would definitely recommend attending a class. Namaste '.

Why Yoga?

Why yoga…… that’s an interesting question. There are many reasons I started studying yoga. It all stemmed from the desire to create a peaceful life, not only in my life but in my friends and family around me, the journey first started with kind of a spiritual awakening, a sudden sense that everything that was in my life already couldn’t be all that there is. I felt there was more than this 9-5 day in day out slog or at least something that might compliment my time in my free time. So to begin with, I studied self-development and that really did go well for a while. I was doing great in my work life and my self-confidence and esteem blossomed, but still I was just dealing with what was right in front of me. I was in a job I had been in for quite some time and doing the work in self-development I started to realize that my job was actually quite a stressful one. I had done a lot of study into spirituality and the art of being happy. I wanted to teach everyone that their lives needn’t be stressful or just too much, but I had to go about it in a delicate way. Confronting someone with your new found spiritual awakening can sometimes be quite overwhelming, I’ve witnessed it many times. So in order to get other people on the right path, so to speak, I had to find another way. A way to set the cogs turning on their own and this is when I stumbled upon mindfulness….. Amongst many other different studies this was the most prominent. It was an excellent start being able to completely stay in the moment in everything I did. Yoga came after a while. I was in France at my sister’s wedding and one of the other guests noticed I would go of in the morning and do my daily practice.

Tropical Leaves


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