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Hi, I'm Adam

Qualified Kundalini tantra yoga, meditation & mindfulness teacher. Level 5 Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapist specialising in pain relief, myofascial release, trigger point release, restricted range of movement in the body, rehabilitation of acute injuries and chronic pain.

Operating in various venues around Wiltshire (including Chippenham, Corsham and Bath), Bristol & the South West. Hello! I’m the founder of The Reset Button. "What is the reset button?" I hear you ask. It does what it says on the tin - when you turn something off and back on again it generally works better. But that’s not what we want deep down. What we want is to turn it off and start it again with a fresh outlook, to adapt and feel happy about adapting to this ever-changing world we exist in today and I say exist because in most cases that is what we are generally doing. We aren’t living, experiencing every moment to its fullest! To just exist is to waste a life that has so much potential for peace and happiness and all of this being just steps in front of you. When you press The Reset Button it takes you back to factory settings. I will admit... it isn’t a quick fix and it takes work, but all of it is growth - finally growing into your ideas, your dreams and taking the responsibility of your own happiness into your hands.   When we do this, we find peace in ourselves and its palpable…. your friends, family, co–workers and clients will notice the difference. You regain clarity of mind and control of the mind, dissolving the ego. ​The best thing about the reset button is that once you start the journey, you won’t stop - you won’t want too. The fulfilment we get from an activity lasts as long as the amount of conscious attention we have paid to it. This can be taught. A unique outlook on changing patterns, lifestyles, getting what you want out of life in the calmest, but most energetic way possible. I invite you to join me! --- Below are categories, be it pain you are suffering from or tension anywhere in the body, there is a treatment to suit your needs in the SOFT TISSUE THERAPY & MASSAGE section. If you are an active person, training competitively or just keeping yourself fit - Sports, deep tissue and holistic massage can be a great way to look after and keep your muscles recovering a lot faster after exercise. It will can help you if you are injured, suffering with chronic pain, restricted range of movement, age related degradation of the muscles, myofascial tension, emotional tension or sedentary lifestyle issues. You are given clear objective plans to create equilibrium around the body to get you back to peak performance. My treatments have been proven over and over again to have improved and rehabilitated countless clients back to where they want to be and most importantly out of pain. My YOGA CLASSES focus on creating equilibrium throughout the body. The breathing techniques we use throughout the class centres the mind in the body so that we can hold space for ourselves, get back in touch with feeling the body on a much deeper scale than we do, day in day out. The stresses society, work and life situations put on our minds and body can cause us to disassociate the one from the other, leading to distracting stimulus to just feel like we are getting some rest bite. The time you are in class we work on leaving everything at the door, completely dedicating the time to stop, feel, reconnect. The MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS section is offering up a tool to bring yourself into the present moment, how often are we thinking about the past or worrying about the future…...? When you spend time there, you are in time travel and in no way in the present moment, all that ever happens in the present moment, if you even blink you miss it and how many of us can say we spend much time in the present moment if any at all. Its paying attention in a particular way to everything that surrounds you with, inquisitive love…. Just imagine that! Close you eyes for just a moment…. Think about it, it’s beautiful. Id like to teach this tool to you; it has greatly improved my life and without it I wouldn’t be where I am and doing what I’m doing today. All my ideas came from a calm and quiet mind and all when I was spending time in the present moment. When you start to live there or indeed in the beginning return to it, you will start to think with clarity, make fully conscious decisions, become aware of the life situation you are in and start to ask yourself some pretty cool questions about what’s in store for you and the rest of your life!Tthis is so important, we’ve already wasted enough time! THE FULL RESET is a course run over three months. We work on all of the above but also how to focus on your goals, attain the mental state of someone who doesn’t settle for second best. Using all of the tools gained through meditation, mindfulness ,and yoga and coupling that with full body awareness - a complete overhaul of the body in freeing the restricted range of movements in the joints, strengthening the body and mind in culmination and setting you up for a future you not only want in every way, one you fully deserve. And the best news is there is more to come !!

Adam Constable
Adam Constable Pincha

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The Full Reset

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