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More exciting things

This page is dedicated to the ever expanding growth of the reset button, a page where you get to hear about the new things coming and be the first to try them out.


Sleep Talk 

In this category, you can sign up for a monthly subscription to sleep talk.

A collection of videos and audio clips that will guide you through some sleep meditation.

Some of these clips will be Yoga Nidra classes, these classes are designed to take you deep into relaxation and afterwards a sound night's sleep.

At some point all of my students have fallen asleep to my voice in class.


So if you are having trouble with the mind racing when it comes to bedtimes.

Life Coaching

What we do here is think up your ideal life. Then we work to make that a reality....​

Using simple but effective techniques we grow your ideas, aspirations and goals into tangible grasp.

We work with your confidence, insecurities and fears.


We also work on your accountability.


Your goals are spilt into easy chunks to manage and once you start this journey you wont want to stop.


I am a prime example of what you can achieve if you want it enough.


Even if you don't know what you want, the clarity you gain from the course aligns you with your higher sense of self, this is where the magic happens.​

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