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The Good Stuff

So this is the section where I can give out the genuine discounts and benefits I get because of the work I have been doing with The Reset Button.

And the free stuff, yes free stuff.

Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee.

Now I don't endorse something unless I am in love with it, I have a sensitivity to caffeine and haven't drank it for sometime due to the anxiety  and unnecessary hype it caused in my body , but I always missed the taste, Matcha tea was an alternative but lets face it it didn't taste like coffee. And I hear you shout "but Mushroom Coffee!! doesn't it taste like mushroom! " well, to that my friend I say "Try it" you wont be disappointed and there isn't Mushroom for improvement....... :D 

Its barista coffee mixed with various types of mushrooms and wait for it.... even CBD !! I've tried them all, I love them all.


So I have the pleasure of being an ambassador of London nootropics Mushroom and CBD Coffee.

These guys won on the dragons den for their innovative brand.

London nootropics Graphics_edited_edited

3rd Rock Clothing

Now these guys/girls are the Shiznit.

They make clothes for climbing and yoga, not just for that! they are great to hang out in too.

I've used their clothing brand for years and I still have my first pair of climbing /yoga trousers

Here's a link for 15% off when you spend £70

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