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The love of this sport Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and art has made me want to contribute to it.

5% of all profit on these tops go to the NSPCC


I have designed and got these on order in various sizes.

They can be used in any sport or activity !!


If you would like to buy one these are £45 each


The text is ancient, Hebrew, Nordic and Greek.


It translates to Dragon Trickster God, Ground Toiler/Fighter.


My Printing company asks to allow two weeks before delivery, these are the first of many designs.


My company website will be called


But as of now you can purchase these through this website.

Compression top, Rash guard

    • Our Premium Rash guards are constructed with 4 way stretch fabric which allows more mobility
    • 85% polyester 15% spandex
    • Breathable and silky fabric which protects your body from mat burn and keep your skin cool
    • Flatlock stitching for more durability
    • Comfort compression so it fits your body neatly
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