A whole-body therapeutic massage that works the soft tissues and muscles to help restore health and create a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

Back, Neck

& Shoulder

Aimed at relieving all those tired muscles through targeted pain relief techniques gathered over my time of studying pain relief massage in the muscles of the body.

Pain Relief Massage

Using modern techniques, I scan the body from the feet up looking for trigger points and tight muscles and gently release these muscles through manipulation of the fascia.



This massage incorporates a diagnosis of problem areas in the body as a result of specific sports, training, and activities, and numerous massage techniques to suit each individual's needs.

Adam is pursuing this side of holistic therapy, with means to gain further clarity on what problems may arise in the body through day to day life, job situation, stresses and strains brought on by circumstance in an effort to gain remedial knowledge in this field.

For indeed, if you are suffering in the body to begin with, it makes it that much more difficult to bring yourself into the moment and also remain there.


With further Research happening in the field of myofascial meridians, Adam is excited to offer this type of massage as a service on the road to completely understanding this area of holistic therapy.